Scale Model Communication Satellite - Comsat1

Scale Model Communication Satellite

These easy-to-assemble, affordable, high quality models for all ages. Assembly can be accomplished with white glue and nothing sharper than a toothpick - no cutting necessary. Great for educational and display purposes and perfect for a science project or Scout badge requirement.... But still with the high quality detail for professional and higher educational use.

Hang them from the ceiling or display them on a desk. These models are excellent items for the study of aerospace construction and radio technology. This is the basic design of all 3-axis stabilized satellites ever built. Use them to help instill an interest in the sciences. This model has all the features you've been looking for: safe, educational, small project oriented, and best of all, FUN!

$15.00 each

includes shipping to U.S. destinations.

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These paper scale model communication satellites are printed on sturdy 10-point card stock and die-punched so the pieces can be removed without need for sharp scissors or cutters. The easy-to-follow instructions make assembly with white glue safe and easy. A 23-inch long, 1/8" diameter dowel is the only piece that is not included but required for assembly .

These scale model satellites show fine detail of the outboard components of the spacecraft, the communication payload, and the solar arrays. The kit results in a sturdy, three-dimensional replica of a 3-axis stabilized communication satellite with extended solar arrays. It measures approximately 24-inches long when completed. All model satellites are dual C/Ku-band satellites with appropriate sized antenna and feed horn assemblies. Scale is approximately 1/25 of actual.


The price includes mailing cost to U.S. addresses.
Foreign address mailing will require separate computation prior to shipment.
A 23-inch long, 1/8" diameter dowel (not included in this package) is required for assembly.

$15.00 each

includes shipping to U.S. destinations.

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All sales proceeds will be used for non-profit projects and activities.

Click Here for additional notes and tips on the construction of this model satellite.

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